The Governance

ELYFI has important variables that determine the overall system and issues that need to be decided to ensure sustainable growth. Since linkage with real assets is necessary, a simple program is insufficient for making such decisions. Therefore, important matters must be decided by collecting feedback from participants in the ecosystem.

In particular, since ELYFI has a linkage platform involving real assets and crypto asset finance, issued tokens must be made and registered in accordance with the “Act on Reporting and Use of Certain Financial Transaction Information”, and able to take effect so as not to be used only functionally. In order to complete this structure, decisions in the real world must also be reflected on a blockchain.

As the first step in building governance capacities, we will propose the basic overall structure of ELYFI and major decisions to be made. The proposed structure may be missing important decision-related matters or may contain ineffective elements. We will continue to receive feedback on them, and any associated changes made will be documented.

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